Ресторан Мама Рома в Спб Ресторан Мама Рома в Спб
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"...And exactly Mama, as in the legend, - the She-wolf, which raised Romulus and Remus, the brothers, who founded an eternal city Rome - the capital of Italy!..."



Mama Roma is Italian home cuisine. It contains traditional dishes from all the regions of Italy, cooked in exact compliance with old recipes. Mama Roma as kind and thoughtful mother will always find something special for each guest.

The working day of the restaurants starts at 11 a.m., when you can stop by to drink a cup of excellent fresh-made coffee and have one of the finest desserts. That`s a treat. Here you can also read some morning press and plan your day the way you could come to a favorite restaurant during business lunch. It is a nutritious lunch for businessmen, which includes a new soup every day; salad-bar with a wide variety of different salads, cold dishes, an assortment of cheese; several types of hot dishes and freshly baked breads. And you can eat all of this without restraint of portion size.

The evening in the restaurant comes at 17 o`clock and it is the best time for romantic date, family dinners and having a rest in warm atmosphere of easiness and comfort to the continuous sounds of sensual Italian music. You`ll be amazed by the quality of dishes, their design and presentation. Evening salad-bar is another one feature of the restaurants and great opportunity to get a pleasure from a salad that is your own making.

During the whole day the chefs of Mama Roma offer menu consisting of traditional national dishes of Italy. Simple and healthy ingredients form healthy nutrition.

We are proud of our pizza-menu, in which wide variety of pizza is shown. Expertly cooked by chefs of Mama Roma, our pizza would of course have satisfied the most exacting gourmand.

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